Celebrate Good Times

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a concert on Sunday December 5th, so pencil that date into your diary.

We are singing some of our best-loved music from those 25 years, and we welcome new members and old to come to rehearsals and experience the pure pleasure of learning some classic favourites.

Couldn’t be happier

We are back from our ‘Covid Suspension’ and couldn’t be happier. We have picked up where we left off – singing the same repertoire we had to leave in March 2020 – great music associated with films. We are bopping Grease and singing our warmest tones for “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Come and join us!

Practice like no-one is listening

  • Use the resources you already to practice (sheet music, CDs)
  • Look up your music on YouTube. You’ll find some great practice resources and spend lots of time listening to great performances
  • Sing with a friend – use the phone, or facetime or Zoom. The internet offers some great ways to catch up.
  • Record yourself singing and listen back (gulp).
  • Gather your family around the piano, then slip a few choir songs into the mix.
  • Become a Prima Donna who can only sing solo.
  • Google – if only I’d found this years ago. Learn How to Sing in Tune

Practice Music Semester 1, 2020

Even though we’ve suspended our weekly rehearsals you can still practice your music.

Practice CDs

Practice CDs were distributed on March 16. If you weren’t there contact your section leader for a CD. (SATB: Liz Troon, Elyse Bourgault, Margaret Martin, Joe Sczeczny).

Phone and Ipad Practice Music

Files for use with Avid Scorch (Only on iPad) and Musescore Songbook (iOS & Android)

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Why Sing? Why Choir?

It’s not about performance

Singing in a choir isn’t about being a wonderful singer, though we have some wonderful singers. We all learn and improve.

Singing in a choir isn’t about performing in public. We do enjoy a concert as an opportunity to share the music we’ve worked with, and to enjoy our singing with the frisson of excitement (or stage fright) that tunes our performance up a few notches. You – our audience – give us that fright and we love it.

It is being together every week

We get our true value from weekly rehearsals. We sing. Every week. Together. We learn something new. We practice something we should know, and we build up our skills and understanding.

We laugh. We share supper. We are happy for each other’s happiness (a new grandchild, a better job), and we support each other during ill health or sadness. We work together towards a goal. We become a community.

Here are some of the reasons I leave home on a hot evening or in the cold of the winter.

  • Singing something that we couldn’t get right last week – that’s worth it.
  • Laughing together at how bad we are sometimes
  • Triumph when we get it right
  • Suddenly getting the whole choir in harmony and feeling it deep in your chest and bones – that’s worth it.
  • That understanding of how music works that occasionally breaks over you is great.
  • Hearing music on the radio and suddenly thinking “semiquavers. That’s a run of semiquavers there”
  • Better yet – “Hey that’s Fauré’s Pavane. I’ve sung that. hmmm, hm hmmm, hm hum hum hmmm, hm hm.”
  • Going home with music running in your head.
  • Finding that you love a  piece of music. Hated it when you first heard it – but now you love it and all the twists and turns that you’ve mastered.
  • Knowing that I am expected to be there and people will notice if I’m not.
  • That when I arrive there will people to greet, questions to answer and jobs to do.

And that’s just me. Every choir member will have their own ‘fixes’ that bring them back to sing together every week.

Looking ahead: 2019

And so we step forward into  2019.

We know we will be starting with a semester of classical music; generally single pieces rather than a major work.

We will also be looking at building a core repertoire so we’ll be singing some familiar music from last year too.

Adding opera choruses to the mix will spice things up – and also force us to concentrate on diction and speed at the same time!

Looking Back: 2018

Changes and Challenges were a theme for the choir in 2018.

It began quietly enough with songs from World War I – sung with stirring patriotism, haughty imperialism, tragedy and humour. We presented these songs at an open rehearsal in June with audience members taking part in sections of the rehearsal – notably the warmups and supper!

We had already faced change and challenge by then: our MD, Kate Oliver, was lured away by a wonderful job offer. With her support we faced the challenge and embraced the change and were soooo lucky to be able to appoint Rachel Martella to take Kate’s place. Rachel’s musical and teaching skills are matched a warmth and humour that have endeared her to us all.

In July some choir members took part in an amazing experience at the State Theatre Centre. “The Events” by David Greig had us transfixed as we became (a large and active) prop in a play exploring the violence of mass shootings. We who attended found new depths to the play and our admiration of the actors grew over the three nights we ‘starred` along with a couple of chairs and a cup of tea as..

And then the real challenge.

Opera Stars?

We’ve been offered the opportunity to sing in the opera “Speechless” during the Perth International Arts Festival.

“I am writing on behalf of Tura New Music to invite you to perform in the Choirs for Cat Hope’s wordless Opera Speechless, to be premiered in the 2019 Perth Festival at the Sunset old Men’s home in Dalkeith. We are compiling 90 singers to be part of 3 choirs for the season. These singers will be combined with 4 soloists and a 30-piece orchestra for the final stage development of the work and presentation. The work uses a unique graphic score comprising of non-traditional notation of images, symbols and instructions which will be visible throughout the performance.

Luke Donohoe

For more information about this opportunity head to the page “Speechless”. If you want to take part there’s a sign-up form on that page.