We’ve been offered the opportunity to sing in the opera “Speechless” during the Perth International Arts Festival.

“I am writing on behalf of Tura New Music to invite you to perform in the Choirs for Cat Hope’s wordless Opera Speechless, to be premiered in the 2019 Perth Festival at the Sunset old Men’s home in Dalkeith. We are compiling 90 singers to be part of 3 choirs for the season. These singers will be combined with 4 soloists and a 30-piece orchestra for the final stage development of the work and presentation. The work uses a unique graphic score comprising of non-traditional notation of images, symbols and instructions which will be visible throughout the performance.

Luke Donohoe

For more information about this opportunity head to the page “Speechless”. If you want to take part there’s a sign-up form on that page.

Opera Stars?